The Fader Fort For SXSW 2020

Why Should I RSVP to Fader Fort?

  • Fader Fort is consistently one of the most exclusive and most epic SXSW events every single year.

  • Fader has surprise appearances from A list artists at their SXSW events.

  • For example, Drake showed up at Fader Fort two years ago at SXSW 2016:


How To Get A RSVP For Fader Fort SXSW 2020

  • The Fader Fort is not like a traditional SXSW event

  • You have to be subscribed to The Fader's official email subscriber list for a chance to be sent an RSVP

  • The Fader usually sends out the SXSW RSVPs a week or so before SXSW begins

  • If you're not on the The Fader's email list, you have to go to their SXSW Event Page

  • Scroll down and provide your email address (seen below)

  • After you provide your email, wait for The Fader to hopefully send you an invite for #FaderFort2020!


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